Six weeks ago, Dak Prescott was a relatively unknown backup quarterback who could walk around Dallas without being recognized. However, things have slightly changed since then.

After Tony Romo went down with an injury during the Cowboys' third preseason game on Aug. 25, Prescott was named the team's starting quarterback. Since then, all Dak has done is lead the Cowboys to a 2-1 record and into a second-place tie in the NFC East.

Through three games, Prescott hasn't thrown an interception and has completed 66.7 percent of his passes, an impressive number for a rookie.

Prescott's success has made him one of the most popular people in Dallas, and now that he's popular, it seems that he's also more recognizable.

The Cowboys quarterback was asked Wednesday what his life has been like over the past three weeks, and let's just say he gave a very interesting answer.

"I guess I've been more noticeable lately," Prescott said. "People in the drive-thru ask me if I'm Dak. I tell them 'No,' and then I tell them 'Yes' as I drive off."

Basically, if you live in Dallas and you see a guy who looks like Dak, it's probably Dak, even if the guy says he's not Dak.

On the other hand, the Cowboys should probably be mildly concerned by Prescott's comment because if he's in the drive-thru line so often that he has a stories about being in the drive-thru line, that's probably more drive-thru food than an NFL player needs to eat during the season.