Dak Prescott shuns endorsements to spend time with grandmother

Dak Prescott is motivated by several things and none of them come out of an ATM machine.

It's becoming more and more apparent the rookie quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys not only has his head on straight, but it's affixed in the right grooves permanently. While many other NFL players will do all they can to increase their net worth and build their brand, Prescott wants only to win games and spend time with his family.

Both have been on full display long before he became a Cowboy, but even more so now that he's on the biggest stage in sports.

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Hot off a five-game winning streak and the toast of the NFL town, Prescott's being flooded with endorsement requests as his name right now is solid gold. What's more precious than direct deposits however, is his time with his grandmother.

And that's with whom he'll be spending the Cowboys bye week.

For a 23-year-old, he sure has life figured out already.

And he's making his late mother very, very proud of him.

Go Dak, go.

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