Dallas Cowboys 2013 draft board leaked with all seven rounds

Several draft day interviews with Jerry Jones led to the leaking of the Cowboys' draft board. (USATSI)
Several draft-day interviews with Jerry Jones led to the leaking of the Cowboys' draft board. (USATSI)

Not many secrets usually emerge from an NFL team's draft war room. That is, unless your owner is Jerry Jones and he does a bunch of televised interviews in front of the team's draft board. 

Using images taken from interviews with Jones on Day 1 of the NFL Draft, SB Nation's Cowboys site, "Blogging the Boys," was able to cobble together the Cowboys' entire 2013 draft board. 

Yes, the draft is over, but the leaked draft board is still interesting because it gives you some insight into the Cowboys' thought process going into April's draft. 

For instance, why did the Cowboys draft Wisconsin center Travis Frederick in the first round? 

Most teams pegged Frederick as a mid-to-late round pick, and the Cowboys' selection even surprised Frederick himself. "I thought somewhere in the second round would be more of a fit for me," Frederick said after the draft. "I truly didn't expect this."

However, if you look at the Cowboys' draft board, the pick kind of makes sense. The Cowboys had a second-round grade on Frederick and took him with the 31st overall pick. Keep in mind that the 33rd pick is a second-round pick.

The pick also filled a glaring need for Dallas, a team that played six centers last season. Frederick should be able to step in and start right away, something that you want from a first-round pick. 

The Cowboys graded a total of 18 players as first-rounders. Five were still available when Dallas was on the clock with the 18th overall pick -- Tyler Eifert, Bjoern Werner, Xavier Rhodes, Cordarrelle Patterson and Sharrif Floyd. Instead of selecting one of those five, the Cowboys traded down with the 49ers and picked up a third-round pick (74th overall) that Dallas turned into Baylor wide receiver Terrance Williams. So instead of getting one pick at 18 overall, the Cowboys ended up with two players whom they had graded out as second rounders (Williams and Frederick).

Terrance Williams (left) and Gavin Escobar were both graded as second-rounders by the Cowboys. (USATSI)
Terrance Williams (left) and Gavin Escobar were both graded as second-rounders by the Cowboys. (USATSI)

Another interesting nugget is how the Cowboys had the 2013 quarterback class ranked. Dallas had Ryan Nassib at the top of its draft board and had Nassib, Matt Barkley and Geno Smith all graded as second-rounders, in that order. EJ Manuel, who was selected 16th overall by the Bills, was graded as a fourth-rounder by Dallas.

The Cowboys had no interest in players with injury or character concerns. Matt Elam, Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree -- all players selected in the first round -- weren't even on the Dallas draft board. 

It's safe to say the Cowboys probably walked away from the 2013 draft feeling pretty good about themselves. Of the 25 highest ranked players on their draft board, the Cowboys got three of them -- Frederick, Williams and tight end Gavin Escobar

However, the Cowboys probably aren't too thrilled with their draft board leaking, so don't be surprised if, next year, Jones is doing interviews from a place other than the team's war room. 

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