Dana White rips Patriots, Aaron Hernandez over UFC complaints

Dana White involved the Patriots in his UFC rant on Boston.
Dana White involved the Patriots in his UFC rant on Boston. (USATSI)

Apparently the UFC is getting a little blowback from Boston City Council President Steve Murphy over an event the MMA league wants to hold in the city on Saturday. And it's not making UFC president Dana White happy.

And he's drawn the local football team into the fray. In response to complaints that UFC was too violent and needed to be prohibited to anyone under 18, White pointed out that the Patriots had an alleged murderer on their roster and no one's complaining.

“[W]hen people ask me about it, I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. We’re in Boston, aren’t we?" White told MMAJunkie.com on Friday, via Pro Football Talk.  “Don’t the Patriots play here?  F---ing Aaron Hernandez just murdered somebody and possibly murdered two other people.  Are the Patriots going to get chased out of town now?"

White should probably learn how to use the word "allegedly." And you have to wonder if White mentioned his rant to Bob Kraft ... when the two were hanging out Friday at the Patriots game.

Maybe Kraft is on board with White. I have no idea. But that just seems awkward.

White also ranted on an issue UFC is facing with respect to social security numbers being required for UFC fighters who are foreign born.

“They pulled this whole Social Security bullsh-t on us first,” White said. “How about f---ing hockey? Hockey players are from Russia, Czechoslovakia, Canada and all these other places. They get in here and do it. How about basketball? They’ve got guys from all over the world playing basketball.

“They’re trying to chase us out of here.  Are they going to do this to boxing events, too?  Are they going to try and chase boxing out of here?  How many boxing events are they doing here?  Not many."

Without knowing the specifics of the issue at play here, I can't opine definitively whether or not White and the UFC are getting a raw deal. But if White's being accurate it does sound like he's getting a raw deal.

Maybe he could get his good buddy Bob Kraft to pull some strings.

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