Despite Danny Trevathan's claim that his hit on Davante Adams wasn't dirty, he's now scheduled to miss two games as a result of that head shot. On Saturday, the NFL suspended Trevathan two games without pay for violating the league's player safety rules. 

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Trevathan is appealing the suspension.

Trevathan, one of the Bears' starting inside linebackers, hit the Packers' receiver so hard that Adams' mouthpiece ejected itself from his mouth. Here's the hit in question, which occurred during the Packers' 35-14 win over the Bears on Thursday night:

Adams was taken off the field in a stretcher and went straight to the hospital. Soon after, the Packers announced that Adams had movement in his extremities. A day later, Adams revealed that he had been released from the hospital and was "feeling great."

Though the Bears were penalized 15 yards on the play, Trevathan wasn't ejected from the game. After, referee John Hussey explained why he didn't toss Trevathan. According to Hussey, he didn't have enough information.

"From my perspective I just didn't see enough to rise to that level," Hussey told a pool reporter, via Pro Football Talk. "That issue I would have is a judgment call. Was it egregious, was it completely unnecessary? I didn't have enough information from my perspective to make that."

Trevathan also defended his hit, saying that it wasn't dirty and that he didn't deserve a suspension.

"I don't think it should be a suspension, but you never know," he said, per "I'm just going to send a prayer out. My main concern was that he's OK.

"We'll see. I'm sure [the NFL will] look at it. It was a flag. I'll be ready for whatever they throw my way. I'm not a dirty player, so I don't think it was a dirty hit."

He did also say that he wanted to make sure Adams was OK.

"I was just trying to make a play. It wasn't intentional. I was just trying to do my job and he ended up getting hurt," Trevathan said. "I'm sorry about that and I'm going to reach out to him."

As our Ryan Wilson explained on Friday, Trevathan's hit was illegal because "Adams had made the catch and became a runner. And once his forward momentum was stopped, he became defenseless. That's when Trevathan led with the crown of his helmet, an act itself that is illegal."

That's why Trevathan was suspended and honestly, probably should've been ejected even if he wasn't trying to hurt Adams. In this case, it's tough to care about intent considering how violent the hit was. 

That hit didn't just put Adams' health in jeopardy, it also hurt the Bears. The Packers immediately scored a touchdown.

Now the Bears will be without Trevathan for two games (if he doesn't win an appeal). The Bears are already missing their other starting inside linebacker, Jerrell Freeman, who tore his pectoral muscle. The Bears' next two games will come against the Vikings and Ravens.

Meanwhile, Adams is in the concussion protocol. Concussions are always scary, but the injury appeared to be even worse when it occurred. Thankfully, Adams dodged disaster.