Dante Hall: Eagles were 'cowards' in DeSean Jackson situation

No real clue what Dante Hall has to do with the Eagles -- or DeSean Jackson -- but the former Chiefs kick returner was on CBS Sports Radio with friend of the blog Damon Amendolara and got asked about the hot topic in the NFL these days. 

And Hall told The D.A. Show that he thinks the Eagles "were cowards" with the way they handled Jackson's situation.

"From the outside looking in that’s my perspective: they were cowards because there’s no logical explanation of why you get rid of a talent and a guy like DeSean Jackson," Hall said. "Therefore we have to come up with some sensational smokescreen so that it makes sense to the public.”

Hall's making a jump here (I think), insinuating that the Eagles leaked all the gang-related information that came out just before Jackson was cut and eventually signed with the Redskins.

It's possible that's the case but doesn't seem particularly likely. The Eagles didn't really gain much with that article, except for some cover when cutting Jackson. The rumors of them trying to get rid of him via trade -- and then cutting him if they failed -- were out there for weeks before the NJ.com article dropped. 

But if it IS some vast conspiracy then, yes, the Eagles didn't do the right thing. As it stands, I'd probably call them "opportunistic" rather than anything.

The important thing here is we get to put up one of the all-time great juke moves. A LITTLE LINGERIE ... ON THE DECK!

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