Darren Sproles' wife calls out Saints' front office on Instagram

Darren Sproles' wife doesn't think highly of the Saints' front office. (USATSI)
Darren Sproles' wife doesn't think highly of the Saints' front office. (USATSI)

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There used to be a time when a person could rant about whatever it was that set them off, and do so in their privacy of their own home and without fear that anybody would hear it. Those times no longer exist, at least not if you insist on putting said rant on Instagram.

This is exactly what Michel Sproles, wife of Saints (for now) running back Darren Sproles, did Wednesday, a day after the Sproles' learned -- via Twitter, naturally -- that New Orleans planned to trade him.

There's more. Michel Sproles sent a follow-up message that begins, "I purposely posted this to see all the factions and I'm not at all surprised, and for those that responded ignorantly completely fell for it. I didn't not attack Who Dat Nation, I specifically said I was referring to the front office."

You can read the whole thing here (they've since been deleted from Instagram), courtesy of BlackSportsOnline.com, but the takeaway can be boiled down to this: Michel's first mistake was thinking that people on the internet actually read anything before wildly jumping to conclusions.

Lesson learned.

Meanwhile, Darren Sproles said he would like to be released so he can have some say on where he plays next season. It's not clear if the Saints will oblige but this much is certain: There will be plenty of teams interested in Sproles as both a running back and a returner.

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