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Training camp is on the horizon, but no one's quite sure whether Aaron Rodgers will show up for the Packers. The reigning MVP skipped all of Green Bay's mandatory minicamp and, at least as of now, has no intention of playing for the green and gold again. Rodgers' No. 1 receiver, Davante Adams, has spoken several times about his quarterback's apparent feud with team brass, once suggesting his own Packers future would be affected by Rodgers' status. Now, in an interview with Fox News, Adams insists Rodgers' absence isn't hurting Green Bay's locker room, even though "everybody is praying that he does come back."

Adams, who had a brief absence from minicamp before reporting to work, tells Paulina Dedaj that he skipped camp's first session solely to give new or younger players more reps. But he says he'll be a full participant at training camp, with or without Rodgers.

"I'll be there and I'll be ready to rock," he said. "Hopefully, Aaron will be there as well and if he's not, we're gonna get going. Like I said in the press recently, I back him and I support him whatever he does. It's just kind of how we get down. We've always had each other's backs since I first got here. Like I said, (I'm) praying that he comes back, but if not, I'll be there and I'll be working."

Rodgers has not confirmed nor denied reports he wants to be traded, instead hinting at a "philosophical" disconnect with the front office during public appearances. Adams, meanwhile, has said previously he'll "scream on the mountaintop that I've got his back." The Packers, of course, have given no credence to the possibility of moving on from Rodgers, though multiple reports have indicated they once intended to replace the longtime QB with 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love by 2021 -- before Rodgers won MVP and took them to a second straight NFC Championship Game appearance.

Inside the organization, Adams tells Dedaj that Rodgers' situation has no bearing on the day-to-day operations, at least for now.

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"Honestly, it's not even something that we truly talk about like that," he said. "It's just, everybody's been dialed into what they got to do. There's enough to worry about with themselves than to be going and worrying about what other guys are doing and what their situation is like, especially when we can't control any of that. I think everybody's mindset, everybody is going to love Aaron the same way when he returns, and obviously it's been a little bit of a confusing situation, but there hasn't been any negative talk or anything like that. Everybody's behind him."

As for Love, who took all of the Packers' top QB reps at minicamp, Adams says the second-year signal-caller has shown progress since his rookie year, when he didn't take a single snap, but obviously remains in Rodgers' shadow.

"Well, it's really, really early," Adams said. "We've seen some progress, but obviously, when you get into live action and do a little more training camp stuff, you'll be able to further evaluate that, but I like what I see from him so far. He's shown that he's locked in and ready to assume whatever role that he has to and go out there and play, so I'm looking forward to seeing him. ... As we go along, I'm sure the more reps that we have, whether we have them or not, we'll be able to get to a good point if Aaron isn't here, but obviously everybody is praying that (Aaron) does come back."