David Irving could be the Cowboys next elite pass rusher

If you didn't know who Dallas Cowboys defensive end David Irving was before Week 6, it's a safe bet you do now.

Returning to the field after missing Week 5 with a concussion, Irving didn't just show up at Lambeau Field. He showed out to the tune of three forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, four tackles and a sack.

By the way, that was in only 19 snaps.

Irving has always had the potential to hit the next level, but his wrong has been an arduous one. The Compton, CA native survived both childhood hardships and dangers as well as collegiate ones, when he was charged with domestic violence (later dropped) followed by being expelled from the Iowa State football program for allegedly contributing to a campus riot.

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What actually happened was someone passed Irving a stop sign, and he passed it on. The school deemed that as destruction of property and it ultimately caused Irving to miss out on being able to play ball his senior year.

His draft stock fell right off of a cliff, with a noticeable dust cloud rising upon impact with the ground.

In 2015 the Kansas City Chiefs saw fit to pick up the undrafted free agent, placing him on their practice squad. Only seven teams showed up to Irving's pro day workout, and the Cowboys were one of them. In a fortuitous turn of events, Dallas would sign Irving from the Chiefs practice squad after releasing defensive end Davon Coleman and get immediate contribution.

Last season Irving had 14 quarterback pressures, 13 tackles, 0.5 sacks and one pass deflection...

...in only 199 snaps (18.8%).

What the world witnessed against the Packers was not something that came as a shock to the Cowboys or their defensive coordinator, Rod Marinelli. He's been the biggest fan of Irving, constantly praising his skill set and potential. For the usual firebrand Marinelli, this is high praise indeed.

The Cowboys are now heading into the bye week to reload, and when they come out of the saloon for Week 8 it's possible they have an elite edge rusher in both holsters.

And that's the stuff QB hits are made of.

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