On Tuesday, Tom Brady made an announcement many have waited for, and New England fans have feared, saying he will be leaving the Patriots and finding a home with another team next season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the bid, according to multiple reports, and will now have the GOAT leading their offense. 

David Samson sits down on his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson" to discuss all things Brady. He says, "Is anyone sick of talking about Tom Brady?" No? Well, you're in luck because he opened the show going through TB12 talk. 

"You never announce you're not returning to a team unless you have a done deal with another team ... of course he had a deal," Samson says, though right now we only have speculation that the deal is $30 million a year and for an unknown amount of seasons. 

"The report that Tom Brady is going to the Bucs is enough to bring the sports world to its knees. People are in mourning while in quarantine. How is it possible that Tom Brady would want to wear a different uniform than the New England Patriots?" Samson is here to answer that question saying, of course, it is possible.

"If you're in the business long enough, what do you mean it's hard to imagine Tom Brady in a Buccaneers uniform? Who cares? It's like imagining Michael Jordan in a Wizards uniform. Does that bother you?" Samson asks.

The podcast host adds that in 10 years it will not matter that he made this move and no one will care. 

When it comes to why he left, Samson says he has the answer, "Everything that you've read about Tom Brady and his decision making is all wrong. It was a very simple decision for Tom and I can't wait for him to tell you that decision. $30 million ... $60 over two, there's no way the Patriots could top that."

In terms of how the Patriots, including owner Robert Kraft, dealt with this Samson says, "Dealing with aging superstars is brutal. And make no mistake, Tom Brady is an aging superstar."

Calling him the G.O.A.T. and mentioning that he still has much to give on the field, he says it's the future that's the question rather than the past.

Brady has told us he is ready to prove that at 42-years-old he still has a lot in him, and it looks like next season he will be proving this with the Bucs.