D'Brickashaw Ferguson missed one snap in 10 years -- it was a trick play

D'Brickashaw Ferguson flew under the radar for much of his 10-year career -- as a left tackle, that's a sign you're doing your job well -- but his legend has grown substantially in the hours since reports emerged that he is retiring.

The reason?

Since the Jets drafted Ferguson fourth overall in 2006, they have run 10,708 offensive snaps. Ferguson played on 10,707 of them. That's right, in addition to never missing a start in a decade, he never once appeared on an injury report, and most impressively, he was on the field for 99.991 percent of his team's offensive plays.

It gets better. The one play Ferguson missed came at the end of a 2008 game. The Jets were running their version of the "Stanford band" play that included cornerback Darrelle Revis  lining up in Ferguson's left tackle position.

Here's the video evidence:

If Ferguson should make into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there should be no induction speech, just this clip shown on a loop with "10,707 OUT OF 10,708 SNAPS PLAYED!" flashing brightly at the bottom of the screen.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson redefined durability during his 10-year career. (USATSI)
D'Brickashaw Ferguson redefined durability during his 10-year career. (USATSI)

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