DeAngelo Hall says he's a better CB than Richard Sherman

DeAngelo Hall says better than Richard Sherman in man-to-man coverage. (USATSI)
DeAngelo Hall says he's better than Richard Sherman in man-to-man coverage. (USATSI)

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It's perhaps fitting that DeAngelo Hall was on "Keeping it Real with Mike Hall," a Fox Sports show that allowed the Redskins cornerback to weigh in on any number of topics, some clearly more absurd than others.

In addition to Hall's take on the Redskins name controversy, he also had some thoughts on where he ranks among other NFL cornerbacks.

“If you line up the top five receivers in the NFL and have one guy go out and cover ‘em, I put myself out there before anybody else,” Hall said, via the Sports Bog. “Before Richard Sherman, before [Darrelle] Revis, before [Patrick] Peterson, before anybody else. There’s a lot goes into a defensive play or a defensive scheme. But you’re asking me to go out there and just lock one guy up, ain’t nobody better than me.

"In man-to-man coverage, ain’t nobody better than me.”

That makes one person.

According to the rest of the planet, Hall is an average-at-best cornerback. And doesn't even think that highly of him. PFF ranked Hall 84th out of 110 cornerbacks, just behind rookie teammate David Amerson, who struggled plenty during the first half of the season.

Sherman, meanwhile, ranked sixth.

But Hall isn't all bluster. He very humbly noted that when it comes to gum-flapping, Sherman has the edge.

“I’m probably not the best,” he conceded. “Sherman talks a lot. He might be one of the best trash talkers. He definitely talks a lot. I don’t know if it’s warranted or not, but he definitely talks a lot of trash.”

Hall, 30, will be a free agent this offseason. And if general managers and coaches around the league see things as he does, he will have little trouble finding work.

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