NFL free agency can get confusing, even for the most interested observers. Players fly all around the league and deals get announced at rapid speed. It can be difficult to keep up.

One of the people that apparently missed some of the action this year: Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams.

Allow us to explain.

DeAngelo Williams loves to tweet. He has opinions on stuff, and he's not afraid to share them. On Friday, he shared his opinion on the exploding salaries in NBA free agency. One of his followers called him out on being "salty," and Williams responded in kind:

Fellow running back Alfred Morris saw the tweet, and took a liking to it.

When Williams saw Morris' response, he let Morris know that he appreciated it, and also tried to talk a little smack.

Only problem: the Steelers play Washington in Week 1. Morris is no longer on Washington. He's on the Cowboys.

As Morris said, it was a crazy offseason.

Not satisfied that his trash talk didn't hold up, Williams had to get in a parting shot.

Damn, DeAngelo. That's cold.