DeAngelo Williams randomly gives away first-class airplane tickets

Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams is a positive influence on the community and generally a good dude. He penned an incredibly moving article about his mom for after she passed, urging people to wear pink and help fight back against breast cancer.

He continued paying it forward recently by handing his first-class airplane ticket to an unsuspecting man in the airport.

The one potential downside to this generous move by Williams? The man might not necessarily be a Marine. Several people jumped into the comments and pointed out the man shouldn't be dressed the way he was if he's actually a Marine.

More people countered it by saying it was an old-school mentality.

Someone even threw a picture in the comments claiming he's seen the same guy before and called him for being a fake.

It's a really bizarre twist on a really nice gesture, which is a shame because Williams giving up his first-class seat to a random military person shouldn't be obscured by whatever this guy does in his free time in airports.

Hopefully DeAngelo will continue the tradition.

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