The New England Patriots have been dominant through the last two decades, with a pair of separate dynasties under head coach Bill Belichick. The team seemingly always found ways to win with former team quarterback Tom Brady, earning six Super Bowl championships along the way. With 20 years of historic wins and consistency behind them, the Pats released their All-Dynasty team, highlighting some of the best of the best. 

Some players listed were obvious (no one thought Matt Cassel would be named All-Dynasty QB right?) but other players listed, or more importantly, not listed, left people confused.

One that stood out was the absence of Super Bowl XXXIX MVP wide receiver Deion Branch. Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Julian Edelman and Troy Brown were chosen as WRs of the All-Dynasty team instead. Moss and Welker did not win Super Bowls with the team, however.

Branch himself noticed the snub, and took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

He tweeted ten face palm emojis with the hashtag, "#WOWWWW."

Branch was the Super Bowl XXXIX MVP when the Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles and also has a ring from the 2003 season, when the Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII. He had two stints with Pats, one from 2002-2005 and another from 2010-2012, after spending some time with the Seattle Seahawks.

With the Patriots, No. 83 recorded 328 passes for 4,297 yards with 24 touchdowns in 89 games with the team, though in the words of Belichick, "stats are for losers."