Deion Sanders announces he's 'suiting up' for Pro Bowl; NFL says no

Deion Sanders wants to suit up for the Pro Bowl, but the NFL isn't having it. (USATSI)
Deion Sanders wants to suit up for the Pro Bowl, but the NFL isn't having it. (USATSI)

Back in July the NFL announced it had decided it wanted to spice up the Pro Bowl by changing the format. Instead of the AFC against the NFC, the game will feature two teams that will be selected in a Jan. 22 draft.

Deion Sanders also has his own plan for spicing up the Pro Bowl and that plan involves him suiting up for the game. Sanders took to Twitter on Monday to announce, well, you can see what he announced. 

Sanders mentions Jerry Rice in the tweet because Rice and Sanders are serving as captains for the game and each player will be at the Pro Bowl draft to pick their team.

If you tune into the Pro Bowl on Jan. 26, don't look for Sanders to be suited up though. The NFL has already nixed the idea. A league spokesman told ProFootballTalk that Sanders won't be playing in the game, which is actually interesting because Sanders never said he was going to play in the game. Sanders said he was going to suit up, which could mean he just planned on being in pads, kind of like baseball managers wear uniforms for games. But it could also mean Sanders wanted to play. Who knows with him.

Either way, Sanders won't be in pads, but he and Rice "will be spending the full week with their clubs, attending practices [and] on the sidelines for gameday," according to the league. 

This is all good news for Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, because now he won't have to give up his number.  

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