It's now been nearly two full months since the Dallas Cowboys decided to cut ties with Dez Bryant, and in that time, the veteran receiver still hasn't found a new team to play for. 

As a matter of fact, the Dez Bryant free agency tour appears to have come to a complete stop with no teams in the NFL currently showing interest in the wide receiver. Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has been paying close attention to Bryant's situation, and from his point of view, there's only one team that should sign Bryant and here's the twist: It's the same team that cut him.   

During an interview with CBS Sports Radio's 105.3 the Fan this week, Sanders made his case for why Dallas should re-sign Bryant and that case mostly revolved around the fact that when the Cowboys cut Bryant back on April 13, they had no idea Jason Witten was going to retire and they had no idea Terrance Williams was going to get arrested

"Let's just apologize and say, 'Dez, I'm sorry. I made a mistake. Come on back,'" Sanders said, via the Dallas Morning News. "You didn't know Jason Witten was getting ready to [retire]. You didn't know this knuckle head [Terrance Williams] was getting ready to do what he did [when he] got out of the car and [ran] out of the Lamborghini. Who leaves the scene of a crime with a Lamborghini? Let bygones be bygones, bring the dude back and let's move on."

The biggest problem with Sanders' plan it's unlikely that the Cowboys would go through all the trouble of cutting Bryant and then just bring him back two months later. Not to mention, Bryant already seems to have his eyes set on another team: The 49ers. 

The other problem with Sanders' plan is that Bryant probably wasn't too thrilled when Cowboys vice president of player personnel Will McClay gave a very concise description of why Bryant was cut in the first place. Basically, McClay said that Bryant just wasn't that talented anymore.  

"The (inability) to win one-on-one, to win downfield," McClay said. "There was inconsistency as well as some huge things in his play. So what's best moving forward for Dez Bryant [and] the Cowboys, we just made that decision. It's a production-based business."

No matter where Bryant ends up, Sanders believes that the 29-year-old can still be productive, especially now that he'll have the proverbial chip on his shoulder after being cut by the Cowboys. 

"I think that Dez is still going to get that ball, and now he has something to prove," Sanders said. "He wants to prove to the world that you guys made a mistake. You guys categorized me wrongly. I know that he has a multitude left in the tank."

Over the past two months, Bryant has only received one serious offer (from the Ravens) and he turned that down. After going so long without signing, it appears that Bryant's strategy is going to be "just wait longer." According to, the three-time Pro Bowler is likely going to wait until late July before he signs a deal so that he can find the perfect fit.