Denard Robinson was found asleep at the wheel on Sunday night by authorities after the Jaguars running back drove a Chevrolet Impala into a retention pond on Jacksonville's Southside, according to the Sheriff's Office crash report.

The Florida Times-Union reports that the responding officer arrived at the scene around 4:20 a.m. and noticed that both Robinson and a female passenger were asleep inside the car. It was determined that Robinson, 25, wasn't impaired and shouldn't face DUI charges.

The drivers' side of the car was submerged in the pond so the officer approached from the passenger's side and knocked on the window. According to the report, Robinson "opened his eyes and then went back to sleep." The officer continued to knock until the female passenger, 29-year-old Marissa O. Staples, said, "What's up?"

Staples then tried to roll the car window back up but the officer was able to reach in and unlock the door before pulling Staples out of the car because she refused to exit. After Staples was removed, the officer was finally able to wake Robinson and turn off the car.

The officer explained to Staples that the car was parked in a pond and both she and Robinson needed to, you know, get out. More from the Times-Union:

Robinson thought he was still on the road and didn't want to exit the vehicle, according to the report. He tried to open the driver's side door about three times after the officer repeated that the car was sinking in the pond, according to the report.

A second officer screened Robinson for possible impairments but concluded that he was not under the influence of any substances and a citation wasn't issued.

"The team is aware that running back Denard Robinson was involved in a single-car accident over the weekend and is thankful that nobody was injured," the Jaguars said in a statement Tuesday.

And Robinson posted this to Twitter on Tuesday: