Game Recap

On Sunday, Houston came out on top in a nail-biter against Denver, sneaking past 19-17. The victory was familiar territory for Houston, who now have six in a row.

Houston's offense rushed out of the gates and came up with 16 first-half points. Denver wasn't quite able to keep up, scoring 10 to make it 16-10 heading into the break. Houston almost let the match get away from them in the second half, but they had just enough oomph to take it.

Deshaun Watson was the offensive standout of the match for Houston, as he passed for 213 yards and 2 touchdowns. We would be remiss not to mention Ka'imi Fairbairn, too, whose 37-yard field goal in the fourth quarter was the deciding factor in the contest. The game pushed Denver down to 3-6 and pulled Houston up to the reverse at 6-3.

Houston will be staying on the road in two weeks, facing off against Washington. Denver can take some time to mend their wounds since their next matchup isn't for a while. They will face the Chargers at 5:05 p.m..