Derek Carr did something that he told Marshawn Lynch he'd never do in loss to Chargers

When the Raiders signed Marshawn Lynch in the 2017 offseason, Derek Carr made a promise: The Raiders will give Marshawn Lynch the ball to score on the 1-yard line. Carr's exact quote when Lynch was signed was: "There's no we'll be on the 1-yard line and I won't give it to Marshawn."

Jon Gruden's grind-it-out system should have complemented that statement perfectly, but on Sunday against the Chargers, Carr broke that promise. Down 20-3 in the third quarter, the Raiders had first-and-goal at the Chargers' 1-yard line and Carr ... didn't give it to Marshawn. Instead, he threw it. And it got picked off by Melvin Ingram in the end zone.

This looks a lot worse because the Raiders have been actively trolling the Seahawks for this since signing Lynch. Last year, the Raiders had a "Seattle" audible inside the red zone that appeared to switch the play to a pass. If you're going to be this cocky about having a 32-year-old punisher, you had better use him when the time is appropriate.

Obviously, the scenario here is slightly different. Russell Wilson's pick came on second-and-goal and the Seahawks were down only four at the time, as opposed to 17. The bottom line, however, is that the Raiders are just continually inventing ways to look bad this season. This is just the latest installment.

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