Derek Carr on Antonio Brown: 'Greatest worker I've ever seen' and 'all of our teammates loves him'

Derek Carr sounds excited, and for good reason. The Raiders traded for Antonio Brown earlier this offseason, adding one of the NFL's best wide receivers to a roster in need of a playmaker. And all the other stuff -- the off-field baggage that eventually made things untenable for the Steelers and Brown, none of that matters now.

"Since [Brown was traded to Oakland], we've spent more time together than I remember even spending with a lot of my teammates, and I spend a lot of time with my teammates," Carr told SiriusXM on Wednesday, via The Athletic. "He's at my house, he's coming to my kid's birthday parties, he is coming to throw with me every day whenever I need him. He's flying out whenever I say, 'Hey man, are you in town?' He'll say, 'Yes,' and show up the next day.

"He's the greatest worker I've ever seen in my life, and I do not throw that around loosely. All of our teammates love him. He just gets along with everybody."

Two days before, Brown's previous quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, told KDKA that he went "too far" in publicly criticizing Brown on his weekly radio show.

"I took some heat and deservedly so for some of the comments on that show and especially towards him," Roethlisberger said. "I genuinely feel bad about that and I'm sorry. Did I got too far after that Denver game? Probably. … That's the thing about media and social media, as soon as you say 'sorry,' it only goes so far. You can't take it back. And I wish I could because if that's what ruined our friendship and relationship, I'm truly, genuinely sorry about that."

Shortly after Roethlisberger's comments aired Brown tweeted two words, without further explanation: "Two face." Make of this what you will, but Carr remains ecstatic that he can now call Brown a teammate -- even if the Raiders don't play a meaningful game for nearly four months.

"Everyone will say it's the offseason … but we've had some deep, pretty good conversations to where I've gotten to know the guy, and I understand why he was a little upset," Carr told SiriusXM. "I understand why he maybe lashed out as he did. I understand that I guess my job as a friend, and as a leader, is to make sure our line of communication is always open, and we're always trusting one another."

The Raiders spent the offseason upgrading both sides of the ball. In addition to Brown, the team signed wideouts Tyrell Williams and drafted Hunter Renfrow. There's also first-round running back Josh Jacobs, who joins two other first-round picks, defensive end Clelin Ferrell and safety Johnathan Abram.

One area Oakland didn't upgrade? Quarterback. And despite the pre-draft speculation that the team might be interested in Kyler Murray, Carr registered his level of concern at "negative 47 percent."

"I guess it doesn't happen everywhere and people are shocked by it," he told SirusXM. "But the general manager, the head coach, and the quarterback are all on the same page all the time, whether it's good news or bad news. And, that's how we operate here. Throw our owner into that. We are all on the same page, literally all the time. And so, we talked right when the season ended, we talked a couple weeks after that, obviously the right way, and going about it, and all that. We knew exactly what was going on, why some things were happening and all these kind of things. So to say negative 47 percent might even be an understatement."

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