In the immediate aftermath of the Raiders' controversial decision to ship Khalil Mack to Chicago in a shocking, blockbuster trade on Saturday, franchise quarterback Derek Carr expressed the way he felt with a two-word tweet.

Two days later, when Carr was given a chance to react to the trade in a format that doesn't limit him to 280 characters, he expressed disappointment and sadness that the Raiders gave away both a player of Mack's caliber and one of Carr's best friends, in addition to making it clear that nobody wanted Mack to leave.

"It isn't what anybody wanted -- I think that's clear," Carr said Monday, per ESPN. 

"But it is what it is -- it's part of the business," Carr added. "It's one of those sucky things that happen. The hardest part for me is, obviously, you lose a good football player, but he's my brother, man. He's one of my best friends. I think the hardest part is, I don't get to see my friend every day."

Mack, who belongs to the same draft class as Carr, was entering the final year of his rookie deal. Understandably, after piling up 40.5 sacks over four seasons, winning a Defensive Player of the Year award, and being named First Team All-Pro twice, Mack wanted a new contract that would make him the highest paid defensive player. The Raiders, who gave Carr a contract that pays him $25 million annually last summer, weren't willing to give him that, so they traded him to the Bears in exchange for two first-round picks (among other draft picks that were exchanged in the deal) and watched the Bears immediately hand Mack the record-breaking contract he desired

Carr wasn't the only one shocked by the trade. Pass rusher Bruce Irvin tweeted the same thing as Carr, except his version contained an f-bomb. Even Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie indicated that he felt similar. He sounded like a general manager who didn't want to trade the best draft pick he's made in his career.

"It's going to sting with them," McKenzie said Saturday night, per NBC Sports Bay Area. "Players protect themselves and their teammates. That's how it should be. They're going to miss Khalil. I'm going to miss Khalil. We all will miss Khalil. Let's make that point known now. We all will miss him, but we will all move on."

"My whole thought process was to get Khalil (signed)," McKenzie added. "It was at the end, in the final hour, that it just hit. It hit hard and heavy. It was not a plan to trade him at all."

Now, there's nothing for the Raiders to do but move on -- as Carr said they would -- and hope that the Bears are bad so that those first-round picks become top-10 picks. The problem is, the Bears just added Mack to their already improving roster.

The other thing is, it seems like there could be some internal issues brewing in Oakland. First, there was McKenzie saying that he'll miss Mack and that he didn't plan on trading him. Then, there was $100 million coach Jon Gruden insisting that he had nothing to do with daily negotiations and that he wasn't involved in the decision to also give the Bears a second-round pick. Throw in players like Carr and Irvin reacting negatively and you have a situation that could maybe get ugly if the Raiders stumble out of the gate, which might just happen considering they open up their season against the Rams, who by the way, decided to pay their generational defensive player in time for him to face the Raiders.

The point being, it's difficult to be optimistic about anything pertaining to the Raiders. They're going to be relocating soon. They spent $100 million on a coach who spent the offseason bringing in older players. And now, they've sent away their 27-year-old superstar on the eve of the season when they could've kept him if they really wanted to.