Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders defensive lineman Carl Nassib announced back in June that he is gay, making him the NFL's first active player in league history to come out as gay. While Nassib has been in the league for five years and is set to enter his second season with Las Vegas, his reception at the start of training camp was going to be a storyline worth watching given his announcement earlier in the summer. So far, things have seemingly gone smoothly for Nassib, according to Raiders quarterback Derek Carr

"Yeah, like I said, whether you agree or disagree with someone, like we talk about all the time, in this country if you disagree with someone you automatically hate them. I'm like, 'That couldn't be farther from the truth.' I know a lot of people that disagree with me, or I disagree with them, and they are some of my best friends," Carr told reporters Wednesday, via Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "When he came in, I just like to watch and not one person from my point of view has treated him any different. He may have a different story, but I don't know what his story is. But from my point of view, his locker is just a few down from mine, and I want to make sure that he knows that we just want him to play as hard as he can so we can win a Super Bowl.

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"Like that's what we're here to do, whether someone agrees or disagrees with what he does off the field, that's everybody's opinion and leave it like that. But we're still a family when we come in this building. We better treat him like such, and so from my point of view it's been good. But I don't know if Carl would say the same, I don't know. From what I've seen, it's been good."

At the time Nassib came out, he was embraced by the NFL wholeheartedly with the likes of Bo Jackson, Saquon Barkley and a number of other stars coming out in support of him. He even topped the league in jersey sales following his announcement. With that in mind, it's not surprising to see things running smoothly for Nassib at this point in training camp, but certainly a positive development. 

Of course, the main objective will be for Nassib to produce on the field as he begins his second season in Jon Gruden's defense in what is expected to be an extremely competitive AFC West. In 2020, Nassib totaled 2.5 sacks and 15 pressures for Las Vegas.