Derrick Henry fantasy owners are melting down on Twitter after leaving him on the bench

The only people who had a worse night than the Jaguars defense on Thursday are the people who left Derrick Henry on the bench for fantasy football, and based on the reaction from Twitter, there are a lot of you out there. 

In most fantasy leagues, the playoffs are in full swing, which means anyone who started Henry this week got a big boost heading into Sunday's games. Henry ran for a Titans franchise-record 238 yards during Tennessee's 30-9 beatdown of the Jaguars. Oh, and he also added four touchdowns. 

In most standard-scoring leagues, Henry earned about 48 points, which is 48 points that most people didn't get because he was SITTING ON THEIR BENCH. 

Let's check out the reaction from Twitter, starting with poor Shane, who not only benched Henry, but he also started the Jaguars defense. I'm guessing his season is over. 

Maybe next year, Shane. 

Another brutal decision came from Kathryn, who decided to start Leonard Fournette over Henry. 

She's probably going to be regretting that decision until next season. 

Another Henry decision that was painful? This one. 

He should have taken a nap before kickoff. That's what I always do. If he had taken a nap, he wouldn't have had time to change his roster. 

Although benching Henry one hour before kickoff is painful, I have to say, I think this guy's story might be worse. 


Moving on. 

This guy is so upset that he might not ever play fantasy again. 

We should probably hold him to that. 

Here's a few more reactions from sad fantasy owners.  

The important thing here is that I think we all learned a valuable lesson and that lesson is that fantasy football only exists to make fools of us all and if it hasn't made a fool of you yet, don't worry, it will happen, just give it time. 

As a matter of fact, if you start Henry next week, you might look like a fool, because I think we can all agree that there's a 99 percent chance that decision will completely backfire. 

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