DeSean Jackson explains why he willingly passed up a $500,000 bonus

If someone offered you $500,000 to show up to work when you didn't have to, you'd probably do it. Unless you're DeSean Jackson, of course.

Not even a half-million dollars was enough to get Jackson to show up to Washington's voluntary workouts this offseason. Jackson's contract with the Redskins includes a clause that calls for the team to pay him a $500,000 bonus if he shows up to 90 percent of the team's offseason workouts.

Jackson clearly didn't need the money this year, because he decided not to show for most of Washington's workouts.

So what was he doing instead?

During an interview with the team's official website this week, the Redskins wide receiver explained exactly what he's been doing with his spare time.

"Really I've just been spending a lot of family time," Jackson said, via the Washington Post. "You know, my home is so far from here, East Coast/West Coast, so that flight is a little hectic. But I've really just been spending time with my mother. You know, she had a birthday coming up. I had a grandma spending a lot of time out there because she's been sick a little bit, so she's been staying with my mom and kind of back and forth to my uncle's. So just really being able to enjoy that and enjoy being a dad."

DeSean Jackson decided to hang out with his family this offseason.

The good news for the Redskins is that Jackson has been working out, just not with his teammates.

"You know, you don't get really that time too much to spend during the season, because our schedule's so crazy," Jackson said. "So really the time's been used just spending family time, taking a couple vacations and working out at the same time. I'm a big firm believer that you get you results from working out, so I've been doing a lot of training and speed work and beach work, lifting weights. Gained a couple pounds, not too much. Still got the speed though."

As for that $500,000 bonus that Jackson decided to pass on, the wide receiver said that spending time with his family was more important than the money.

"You hear the reports, people saying I forfeited the workout bonus," Jackson said. "Don't get it wrong, it's definitely something I would have loved to do, but spending that time with my family and doing things on that side of the world definitely pays off too."

Although Jackson skipped the Redskins' first two OTA sessions, he did show up for two of the team's three OTA sessions this week. Jackson is also expected to show up for the team's minicamp next week, which isn't a huge surprise, because that session is mandatory.

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