DeSean Jackson had to fork money over in Tampa to get his favorite jersey number

Hopefully, DeSean Jackson was taking notes when his agent hammered out a three-year, $33.5 million deal with the Buccaneers on Friday, because less than 24 hours after agreeing to the deal, Jackson had to strike a deal of his own. 

The second negotiation, which was arguably just as important as Jackson’s contract negotiation, involved a deal for the jersey number that Jackson wanted in Tampa. 

After wearing No. 11 for three seasons in Washington, Jackson decided that he also wanted to wear the number in Tampa. However, there was one slight problem with that plan: The number had already been given to Adam Humphries, which was good news for Humphries, because the easiest get-rich quick scheme in human history is selling your jersey number to a rich free agent. 

For instance, who can forget the time that Darrelle Revis paid Mark Barron $50,000 for No. 24 after Revis was traded to Tampa. There was also the time where Deion Sanders bought a BMW for a Cowboys teamate who had the No. 21 that Sanders wanted. 

Anyway, Jackson had to work out a deal to get No. 11, and that’s exactly what the did on Saturday. After the two sides worked out the deal, Humphries announced it on Twitter. 

For Humphries, it was the first time he had ever been involved in a jersey deal. 

“It was kind of fun. I’ve never been in a situation like this before,” Humphries told “DeSean gave me a call, asked me how much I liked No. 11, if I wanted to keep it, how it would be cool if he got it from me. We had some fun going back and forth, me asking him how much it meant to him.”

In the end, the big winners here were the kids of Tampa. Yes, Jackson did fork over money for the jersey, but that money didn’t go to Humphries, but to charity. 

“We had a good idea it’d be good to help out a charity, to help the kids out locally,” Humphries said. “For him to be a new member of the Tampa Bay area, it’s good for him to get involved like that. The money wasn’t really that big a deal, so we wanted to help out. It’s just something good to come out of a little fun between two teammates.”

Humphries passed up on thousands of dollars, which definitely has to put him in the running for nicest guy ever. If everyone was as generous as Humphries, every charity in the world would have an estimated $12 billion in reserve. 

That being said, Humphries didn’t reveal exactly how much Jackson paid for the number, which means the deal likely won’t crack our top 10 for best jersey deals of all-time, which you can read here

Jackson was clearly excited about getting No. 11. As soon as the deal went down, he posted a picture on Instagram of him and his newly bought number. 

Ain't nothing change but it's still #0ne0fone #bucsnation Pewter & Red

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