Giants general manager David Gettleman says he knew at least two teams that would have drafted Daniel Jones in the top half of the first round and that's why he took the former Duke quarterback with the sixth-overall pick during last week's 2019 NFL Draft.

"I know for a fact that two teams would've taken him in front of 17," he told reporters. "I know that for a fact. It's tough, it really is. It wasn't easy for me to pass up [edge rusher] Josh Allen. For me, you know, in my background, that was very, very difficult. But I think that much of Daniel Jones."

The decision to take Jones proved to be the biggest surprise of the draft, though if at least two other teams were in the running for Jones before the Giants were back on the clock at No. 17, perhaps you can make an argument for why Gettleman wasn't interesting in waiting around.

Except it's not entirely clear who those two other teams were. SNY's Ralph Vacchiano later reported that those two teams were the Broncos and the Redskins, who held the 10th and 15th overall selections. With Jones off the board, Denver traded out of the No. 10 pick and Washington selected quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

And despite Gettelman's remarks, it appears that Jones wouldn't have been an option for either team had he still been available.

That's according to NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay:

And Redskins general manager Bruce Allen had this to say Wednesday morning:

"We picked the player we wanted to pick," he said, via "I'm almost positive Dave has no clue what our draft board would be. I don't know which draft boards he knows, but he doesn't know ours."

There's more.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on his podcast that he knew before the draft that the Redskins were taking Haskins and the Broncos "were not taking Daniel Jones in the first round."

The Broncos waited until the second round to draft Drew Lock.

Meanwhile, Gettleman is relying on his roster-building track record in an effort to mollify disillusioned Giants fans.

"In three years, we'll find out how crazy I am," Gettleman told NBC Sports' Peter King. ... "The bottom line is, I have confidence in what I do and who I am. I've been a part of organizations that had pretty good quarterbacks -- Jim Kelly, John Elway, Kerry Collins, Eli ManningCam Newton

"I've led a charmed life with the quarterbacks on the teams I've worked for. I know what good ones look like. The other thing is, résumés matter. Every once in a while, I wish the people taking the shots would take a minute to look at my résumé. I've been a part of teams that went to seven Super Bowls. I had a hand in some of them. But today, there's no patience. And there's no room for civil discourse in our society, which I find sad."

Winning football games -- either with Eli Manning or Jones -- would solve a lot of Gettleman's problems. Unfortunately, the Giants have had exactly one winning season since 2012 and managed just five wins in 2018, which was Gettleman's first year on the job.