Dexter Manley prefers sex to watching preseason football

Manley, once known as the 'Secretary of Defense,' has no use for preseason football. (USATSI)
Former Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley is best known for terrorizing quarterbacks in the 1980s and 90s while playing on two Super Bowl teams. Turns out, he's also something of a pragmatist, even when he's supposedly previewing a Redskins' preseason game with local radio station WTOP.

Here's Manley earlier this month explaining what fans should expect during Washington's preseason opener (via the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg, who continues to do the Lord's work).

Host: Now the starters are only going to be in there for a few plays tonight. What do you watch for from them?

Manley: Well, I’m not gonna watch.

Host: Really?

Manley: No, It’s preseason.

Host: We’re trying to get excited here, Dexter.

Manley: Well, don’t get over-excited.

Host: So if you’re not gonna watch, what are you gonna do tonight?

Manley: Uh, I’m gonna probably be having sex with my wife. 

There's more:

Manley: These guys are only getting like a five, six-hundred dollar check every week, but when the regular season starts, that’s when the big bucks start.

Host: Is that right? They only get small checks, just enough to pay the bills?

Manley: For training camp, yeah, it’s just chump change. Most of them probably got mistresses, and they’re giving the money out to them.

Forget the talking points about "This is what the fans want," commissioner Roger Goodell should just send Manley to various NFL cities explaining why the preseason is a monumental waste of time. We'd see an 18-game schedule by 2014.

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