Dez Bryant doesn't sound like he'd be willing to take a pay cut for 2018

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is currently scheduled to be one of the highest-paid receivers in the NFL next season. It doesn't sound like he'll be willing pay cut if that's what the team needs.  

Bryant was asked on Wednesday what he would say if the Cowboys asked him to cut his salary and well, let's just say Bryant doesn't plan on taking a pay cut

"I haven't heard no talk about that but if it comes, I don't know, probably not," Bryant said, via 

And just so there's no confusion, Bryant also added a, "Hell naw, man. I believe in me."

The Cowboys receiver is currently scheduled to make $12.5 million in base salary next season, which would make him one of the three highest-paid receivers in the NFL. The problem for the Cowboys is that Bryant's pay hasn't really matched his production over the past few years. 

After getting off to an impressive start in his career, Bryant's numbers have gone steadily down since after the 2014 season, which just happens to be when he signed his latest deal, a five-year, $70 million contract.

Bryant hasn't hit the 10-touchdown mark in the three seasons since signing the new deal and he hasn't hit the 1,000-yard mark, either. Before signing his $70 million contract, Bryant hit both of those numbers three times in his first five seasons. Not to mention, Bryant has now gone 22 games without hitting the 100-yard mark.  

If he can't make things work out financially with the Cowboys, he sounded slightly open to possibly changing teams. 

"I don't know, but if that came about, I'm still Dez Bryant," Bryant said. "I'm still going over the top. If it's there where I can grab it, I'm going to grab it. That's who I am."

Although Bryant has struggled since the arrival of Dak Prescott, the receiver said that his chemistry with Prescott isn't a problem and that the issue right now is the scheme the Cowboys are running. 

"That's something you got to discuss with them coaches, not Dak or me," Bryant said. "You got to discuss that with them."

Bryant, who has played through multiple injuries over the past two years, also said the he's been battling tendinitis in his knee since November. With the offseason starting Monday, the 29-year-old said he's going to focus on getting completely healthy. 

"It's probably going to be my best offseason yet because I'm going to enjoy the s--- out of it," Bryant said. "You better believe that. ... I'm going to enjoy it. I'm going to get my body checked out. I'm going to make sure I'm right in all angles. And I'm looking forward. I'm just looking forward. I got my mind on 2018."

Bryant's future is one of the biggest questions that the Cowboys will be facing this offseason. If he refuses to take a pay cut, the Cowboys could always release him. Although cutting Bryant wouldn't be cheap -- it would leave the Cowboys with $8 million in dead cap space -- it would save them $8.5 million overall on the salary cap since Bryant is scheduled to have a $16.5 million cap hit in 2018. 

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