Dez Bryant gets into argument with Joseph Randle, Witten breaks it up

Dez Bryant got into a spat with Joseph Randle on Friday. (USATSI)
Dez Bryant got into a spat with Joseph Randle on Friday. (USATSI)

It looks like Joseph Randle's arrest video isn't helping team chemistry in Dallas. According to, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant got into an argument with Randle on Friday over something Randle said in the arrest video, which was released on Wednesday.  

In the video, you can hear Randle make several comments, including one about Bryant, "Dez didn't miss no games for slapping his mama," Randle said in the video. 

It's not clear, but it seems like Randle made the comment because he was wondering if his shoplifting arrest would lead to a suspension. Bryant was charged with misdemeanor assault in 2012, but the charge was dropped and Bryant wasn't suspended. 

Besides the Bryant remarks, Randle made several other comments during the arrest video, including asking a female jail employee for a $100 massage. 

As for Friday's spat, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten stepped in before things got ugly, according to the CBS affiilate in Dallas.

"Alright, don't say another (expletive) word!" Witten yelled at Randle. "Alright? Don't say nothin' from here on out. Don't talk about it."

Bryant was asked about the incident after practice and didn't really offer any details about what happened. 

"Oh, man it's all good," Bryant said. "It's all right. That ain't no big deal. It ain't a big deal. It ain't no big deal. We got to get on the Arizona Cardinals."

Witten didn't offer many details either. 

"Things happen all the time," Witten said. "It just so happened (the media) probably were out there for a little of it. So we're going places. We're trying to move on from last week's game. All that's handled and you move forward."

One thing's for sure, the Cowboys will be moving forward with Randle. The team decided not to suspend him after the arrest, however, he was docked one game check worth $29,500

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