On Monday afternoon, one of the NFL's best wide receivers signed a big-money deal that made him the league's highest-paid player at his position. Odell Beckham and the New York Giants agreed to a five-year, $95 million contract that contained up to $65 million in guarantees. 

Not all that long ago, Beckham's former division rival, Dez Bryant, was in a similar position. Coming off a three-year run where he averaged 91 catches for 1,312 yards and 14 touchdowns per season, Bryant signed a five-year, $70 million contract that contained $45 million in guaranteed money and made him one of the highest-paid receivers in the game. 

But Dez struggled with injuries and declining play over the last three seasons, and so the Cowboys cut him earlier this offseason. He has spent much of the summer assuring people he will find a new team at some point, and he still believes that to be the case, but on Tuesday morning he hinted that he might not end up signing until later in the season, rather than before Week 1. 

It should also be noted that Bryant stated that he has to "take care of me first" before he ends up signing somewhere, indicating that there may be some personal issues he wants to deal with before returning to the field. 

It's a bit late to sign and be ready for Week 1 anyway, given that the start of the season is just nine days away. He turned down an offer from the Ravens earlier this offseason and has been flirting with the Browns in recent weeks, but has yet to come to a deal. It sure seems like Bryant is waiting for an important receiver on a contender to go down, and for that team to then set its sights on Bryant to come in and be the replacement. Whether or not that will happen is an open question.