Dez Bryant injures his finger in a way that's almost impossible to believe

If Dez Bryant doesn't already have a personal chef, he might want to think about hiring one because cooking can be dangerous.

The Cowboys receiver found that out this week when he injured himself while trying to prepare a bowl of soup. Yes, you read that right, a bowl of soup.

Bryant showed up to Cowboys practice on Wednesday with two of his right fingers bandaged together, so naturally, everyone wanted to know what happened.

According to Bryant, he cut his fingers "while cutting up some carrots for some homemade soup."

First, good on Bryant for adding carrots to his soup. They're the most underrated vegetable, and you really should eat them all the time. I eat them weekly, although it's usually in the form of carrot cake, which is way tastier than soup.

Anyway, Bryant told that his finger injury was "extremely, extremely minor," and that he still plans on playing against the Eagles in Week 8.

The Cowboys definitely lead the league in weird, off-field injuries. Besides Bryant, there was also Darren McFadden, who broke his elbow over the summer after he slipped and fell while walking around a pool.

As for Bryant, he might've said the injury was minor, but apparently, it was serious enough that he wasn't really able to catch any passes during practice on Wednesday.

"Yeah, he's got a cut on the inside of his hand so he wasn't able to catch balls today," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett explained, via the Star-Telegram. "He did a good job moving around, though. I think he's feeling better and better and better."

As long as Bryant doesn't make anymore homemade soup over the next 10 days, he should be good to go against the Eagles. Luckily for Dez, he has some extra time to heal this week since the Cowboys have a bye.

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