Dez Bryant is putting in major work this offseason, in more than one way. Not only is he in full-on conditioning mode as he works to get in football shape for what he hopes will be a return to the league in 2020, but he's also launched a bit of a social media campaign to get the attention of the Dallas Cowboys, a team he has not only offered to re-sign with as a red zone threat but, more specifically, to convert to tight end to fill the role of a likely-departing Jason Witten.

With the team parting ways with longtime head coach Jason Garrett, Bryant immediately proclaimed the Cowboys "just became real contenders" with the hiring of Mike McCarthy, and he wants back in; but that's not the only team he has an eye on this season. 

"My dream goals: I want to suit up in the blue and silver, the black and gold or black and purple," he tweeted. 

Those colorways represent the Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Ravens, respectively, in case you were wondering (or didn't catch the headline). 

Bryant's interest in the former should come as a surprise to no one, considering he never wanted to be released in the first place, but was in April 2018 after publicly criticizing the offensive scheme under Garrett and coordinator Scott Linehan. He'd sign with the Saints shortly thereafter, but tore his Achilles in practice and was placed on injured reserve -- ending his season. Before he inked a deal in Louisiana, however, he was offered a multi-year deal with the Ravens, but turned it down.

At the time, Bryant wanted a one-year deal to prove he was still one of the best receivers in the league, hoping to parlay that into a bigger multi-year deal the following year. His injured Achilles derailed his plan, but having now fully recovered from the injury and bouts of both depression and anxiety, the 31-year-old is ready to end his sabbatical from the NFL and that includes nudging the Ravens to reconsider giving him a call.

"[The Ravens] didn't want that [version of] Dez Bryant," he wrote in response to a Ravens fan who pointed out the aforementioned previous offer. "I wasn't there mentally." 

Bryant is adamant he's "there mentally" now, and has posted several videos of impressive on-the-field workouts that bolster his case, leaving only the question on if teams will take a chance on him this coming season. It's unlikely the Cowboys will be the club to jump the broom -- albeit not impossible, given his still-positive relationship with Jerry Jones -- but the Saints have long voiced a willingness to give him another look. The Ravens haven't though, or rather not publicly, so it'll be interesting to see if they consider him an option in 2020 as they did two years ago.

As a bit of a wild card in all of this, even All-Pro safety Jamal Adams is adamant he'd love to be on the same team as Bryant, leaving open interpretation on if that means as members of the New York Jets, or if both Texas natives could suit up for the blue and silver.

Wherever Bryant lands, it's fair to say he has even more to prove now than he did in 2018.