Dez Bryant thinks Cowboys 'moved a step closer' to Super Bowl in 2015

Dez thinks the Cowboys took a step forward last year despite their struggles. (USATSI)

The Dallas Cowboys probably realized 2015 was going to be a long season the second Dez Bryant suffered a foot injury in the season opener against the Giants. At least they should have. Despite high hopes, Dallas finished with just four wins on the year.

Despite the struggles last year, Bryant still believes 2016 can be special and believes the Cowboys can make a Super Bowl run.

Bryant, who recently announced a partnership with Body Armor (an all-natural sports drink), spoke to about a range of different things from playing with a broken foot, to the NFL's catch rules to leaving messages to fans on Instagram. 

On his Instagram message:
Dez Bryant: I guess you could say that. Really it was just something I felt I needed to get off my chest. The fans are a big part of my career and I just wanted to share my thoughts with them.

On fans being impatient
DB: I just feel like whenever you have diehard fans like Dallas, that’s exactly what happens, which is why I love Dallas, especially fans. Because they give me my boost of energy. They’re the reason I go out and perform the way I do when I’m feeling good. You know, they play a big part.

On playing with an injury:
DB: It was extremely hard. The first thing I noticed was I’m not me, I lost some of my burst because of my foot injuries. But at the same time I truly do believe if your mentality is right — it’s all about mentality. If you have your mind right you’ll be able to push through some things. Like I said in my message, I know the fans played a huge part. They gave me belief and I went out there. It didn’t turn out successful but I wouldn’t change it for the world because we had a chance and we didn’t execute. 

On when he knew 2015 was a lost season:
DB: Truthfully I still thought we had an extremely perfect opportunity. Even whenever I went down, I knew it was a big chance I was coming down. Whenever Tony [Romo] went down, that’s when everybody’s eyebrows started to raise up and things started to become a problem. As you can see, Tony tried to come back a little too early. It just goes to show the fight and the heart we have. I think dealing with the situation, Tony brings determination and motivation to 2016. I’m excited, I know Tony’s excited and I can’t wait. Just something we have to learn from and move on.

On 2016 being special and a Super Bowl season:
DB: I’ll tell you this — every year you have a chance to go to the Super Bowl. I honestly think we have moved a step closer even though our record doesn’t show it. I still think we’re a damn good football team and we had an unfortunate situation no one could do anything about. I think right now we had an opportunity to get our mind right and understand what we have at stake. This doesn’t last long, this team won’t be together for a while, we have damn near all the pieces together, we have to somehow get it to back to where it’s been. I just feel like injuries took a toll on us and we have to live with it and get better from it.

On working with BodyArmor:
DB: I’m extremely excited about BodyArmor. Because because I was with them, I started drinking BodyArmor. And eventually we got outstanding deals done. I’m extremely excited to be partners with them. As far as keeping me hydrated, it keeps me hydrated and it keeps my body right. It’s better than water!

What is a catch in the NFL?
DB: A catch is catching the ball and taking two steps and falling to the ground. A non catch is completely dropping the ball.

Ha ha. Do we need to fix the rule on what constitutes a catch?
DB: Oh yeah. You know what? I’ve seen a lot of stuff going on in the league. I’m not going to mention any names. The NFL — the NFL officials — can confuse some players and fans with what a catch is. I’ll leave it at that. Hopefully they fix it one day. 

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