Dez Bryant tweets he'll visit Browns next week, but John Dorsey is still waiting for a call

Dez Bryant is ready to visit Cleveland, but he might need to call the Browns to let them know he's coming.

Bryant, who was cut by the Cowboys in April, is still a free agent, which means he's not participating in any of the 12 preseason games on Thursday night, which means he had his chance to check out one of the only teams that appears to have an interest in signing him.

On Thursday night, the Cleveland Browns opened up their preseason against the Giants. They got off to a sizzling start. Starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor was perfect, completing all five of his passes for 99 yards and a touchdown while top-overall pick Baker Mayfield looked composed and threw his first touchdown pass in the first half.  

Before the end of the first half, Bryant tweeted that he's ready to visit the Browns next week.

But if Bryant wants that visit to happen, he might need to use his phone to call Browns general manager John Dorsey. Before the game, Dorsey said that Bryant could be working out for the Browns next week, "but he doesn't return any phone calls." During the game, when Dorsey was informed of Bryant's announcement via Twitter, he did this:

If Bryant really does want to audition for the Browns, he'll probably find a moment to use his phone to tell the Browns. If Bryant wants to play in the NFL this season, he might want to do that soon. Because the Browns are one of only a few teams to exhibit interest in him. 

Since Bryant hit the open market, he's had a tough time finding his next opportunity. He had an early opportunity to sign with the Ravens, but he turned down their offer. Dorsey, though, has been very open about his interest in bringing in Bryant. They just traded Corey Coleman to Buffalo, Josh Gordon is still absent, and rookie Antonio Callaway was just cited for marijuana possession. So, they could use another receiver to bolster their depth chart.

Before Thursday night, the question was, does Bryant want to play for the Browns? After the Browns shipped away Coleman, ESPN's Josina Anderson reported that the Browns aren't sure if Bryant is "seriously interested" in coming to Cleveland. Based on what he told all of Twitter on Thursday night, he's seriously interested. 

Now, he just needs to tell the Browns.

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