With the Giants trying to overcome a 31-13 deficit midway through the fourth quarter, Eli Manning dropped back to pass and was strip-sacked by Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.

But for reasons that defy explanation, Giants running back Paul Perkins never thought to pick up the ball as it bounded towards him. We know why Perkins did nothing -- he figured it would be ruled an incomplete pass -- but there was never a whistle, which is a great indication that, you know, the play is still live.

Another dead giveaway: When a defender comes sprinting straight for you and knocks you over to get to the football. Let us reintroduce you to Mr. Matthews:

So, yeah:

Apparently, this can't be brought up enough:

In related news, the Packers scored a few plays later to take a 38-13 lead with just 2:43 left in the fourth quarter. Next stop: The Jerry Dome to face the Cowboys.