Did Jared Allen say 'I've never played on a defense this bad in my life'?

This is what happens when the opposing offense scores on every drive. The defense gets frustrated, and by the fourth quarter, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen finally verbalized what everybody else was thinking: "I've never played on a defense this bad in my life."

At least that's what he appears to be saying. There was no audio so you'll have to judge for yourself:

Who knows, maybe Allen was talking about mustaches and puppets.

Either way, the Vikings are terrible. But if you're looking for a bright spot, Jared, here you go: The offense is slightly worse than the defense (26th vs. 25th), according to FootballOutsiders.com. So there's that.

There's also this: Allen could be dealt before Tuesday's trade deadline.

Details via CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora:

"The $8 million that is still owed will rule out a lot of teams for budgetary or cap concerns," La Canfora wrote Monday, "but if the Vikings want to move some money here and shed a big contract -- and it makes all the sense in the world they do just that, then Allen would accommodate them from everything I gather, having a great working relationship with the organization.

"A parting makes sense; he wants a ring and they are rebuilding and he won't be re-signing there in all likelihood. Could they get more than a third-round pick for him? Maybe not, but I'd do it anyway. The Vikings would likely have to rework his contract and eat some of it to facilitate a deal, and Allen is only a fit with 4-3 teams and would only be interested in playing for a contender, but should a team like Seattle or Denver or a handful of other teams try to make it happen, it's hardly out of the question."

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