The Jacksonville Jaguars have a head-coach opening this offseason and there are many attractive things about the gig that should bring in quality candidates: a lot of young defensive talent, no state income tax, and plenty others.

The biggest issue is whether or not the next coach wants to deal with Blake Bortles as his quarterback. If you ask ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, who spoke about the gig as it relates to Josh McDaniels on WEEI, it's a horrible job opportunity.

Dilfer blasted Bortles, calling him the "worst quarterback in the NFL" and "not a great passer."

"I think he's the worst quarterback in the NFL. And I like Blake as a person. And I think he showed some grit and determination early on. But at the end of the day you've got to be able to spin it," Dilfer said. "I've talked to a lot of quarterbacks that, hey, give us the one thing you've got to be able to do. Some guys will say tough, some guys will say smart, some guys will say process. But they'll say one thing: you've got to be able to spin it. You've got to be able to control the ball, you've got to be able to look in a very small area ahead of where the receiver is the majority of the time and Blake has a really hard time with that.

"He's just not a great passer. I think he's a very good athlete, I think he's a tough kid, but I think he makes some panic decisions and he's a terrible passer."

Bortles regressed in a major way this season. There's no doubt that he's a huge question mark when it comes to the future with that franchise. GM Dave Caldwell, who will help hire the new coach, said the new guy in charge won't be forced to play Bortles, but there is some pressure attached to Caldwell having drafted Bortles.

There's another reason Dilfer doesn't like the Jaguars job.

"I think Jacksonville is a terrible city for an NFL franchise," Dilfer said. "I know this sounds harsh, and I'm usually not the guy who gives the sledgehammer comments, but I feel strongly about that. I would not want to coach Blake Bortles and I would not want to be in Jacksonville. I've got to believe Josh doesn't want to, either."

Those might be considered hot takes, but Dilfer makes it clear he feels pretty strongly about it. When pressed, Dilfer even pointed out he was in a good mood that day, and his takes on Jacksonville and Bortles are just how he feels.

And if he feels that way, it's entirely possible there are other coaching candidates who feel similarly. Which means it might be tougher for the Jaguars to land a quality coach than they initially believed.