Director: Jets pulled out of 'Draft Day' movie because of 'QB dispute'

The Jets, not the Seahawks, were supposed to trade the No. 1 pick to the Browns. (Summit Entertainment)
The Jets, not the Seahawks, were supposed to trade the No. 1 pick to the Browns. (Summit Entertainment)

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"Draft Day," the "fictional" account about the Browns moving up in the draft to grab a franchise quarterback, opened nationwide on April 11. Perhaps one of the least believable aspects of the movie was that the Seattle Seahawks held the top overall pick, which they eventually traded to Cleveland, thanks largely to the dogged determination of ruggedly handsome Browns general manager Kevin Costner.

The Seahawks weren't the first choice for that first pick, however. Nope, that honor was supposed to go to the Jets, but the team pulled out just a few days before shooting began because, director Ivan Reitman tells the Los Angeles Times, they had their hands full with a real-life quarterback controversy.

Mark Sanchez had just put the finishing touches on his worst season in the NFL, one that included 13 touchdowns against 18 interceptions and eight lost fumbles -- including BUTT FUMBLE.

“They were having something of a quarterback dispute, and the team said that this is just going to incite our fans a little more to criticize us, even though it’s all fictional,” Reitman said.

This was also coming on the heels of the Jets trading for Tim Tebow, an experiment that blew up in their face, and then watching as general manager Mike Tannebaum was run out of town. He was replaced by John Idzik, who promptly complicated the quarterback situation by drafting Geno Smith in the second round.

And if things weren't already FUBAR, Sanchez injured his shoulder during the second half of a meaningless preseason game, which lead to one of the most awkwardly hilarious Rex Ryan press conferences ever.

So while we understand the organization's concerns, the reality is that art can't come close to imitating life when it comes to the Jets.

ESPN's Rich Cimini says there's another reason the Jets were hesitant to participate in the movie: It might portray their fans in a negative light.

We suppose that's ... a(n extreme) possibly, though we'd like to think it has more to do with the team not wanting to draw more attention to their first-round draft record.

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