Divisional round highest-scoring playoff weekend in NFL history

When recapping the weekend that was in the NFL, I failed to point out one obvious thing: There was so much freaking action on the field over the past 48-ish hours, and it was truly a great weekend of football.

There's a correlation to this great football too: It was the highest-scoring playoff weekend in NFL history (as long as you're not the type of jerk who wants to count an eight-game weekend in 1982).

So, yeah, hope you took the over in all the games (in, um, your, uh, imaginary over-under pool that's for fun and not for money).

Denver and Baltimore blew their over-under of 46 out of the water early and finished with 73 points. But it still wasn't the highest-scoring game -- the Packers and 49ers combined for 76 between the two though it was a blowout.

Sunday had plenty of action as well, with the Seahawks and Falcons scoring 58 total and the Texans/Patriots combining for 69 points in the capper.

This weekend was one of the most exciting weekends in football we've seen in a while, and scoring, duh, was a big part of it. When there's not much scoring, football is less exciting.

Defensive games can still be great, but a high level of proficiency on the offensive end -- or at least a bunch of insane things happening to create touchdowns -- is much more valued by football enthusiasts. The NFL knows this, and it's why rules have changed to make offenses more productive.

We saw those offenses -- and those insane plays -- on display this past weekend at a never-before-seen clip. Which is precisely why it was one of the best weekends of football we've had in a long time.

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