D.J. Swearinger: Jadeveon Clowney asks about Texans every day

Will D.J. Swearinger be reunited with old college teammate Jadeveon Clowney? (USATSI)
Will D.J. Swearinger be reunited with old college teammate Jadeveon Clowney? (USATSI)

Either Jadeveon Clowney really wants to play for the Texans or he really wants to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. According to Houston safety D.J. Swearinger, Clowney has been asking Swearinger almost daily about the Texans and who the team's going to draft.

Clowney and Swearinger were teammates for two seasons at South Carolina. 

"He asks me (about the Texans) every day," Swearinger said of Clowney on Thursday, via CSNHouston.com. "He asks me every day. Like 'Bro, what's the word?' I'm like, 'it's all in your hands. You gotta do what you gotta do for these next three months to make them pick you.'"

The advantage of having the No. 1 overall pick is that the Texans can do whatever they want. Houston might draft Johnny Manziel or another quarterback, the Texans could take Clowney or the team could even trade away the pick. 

If it were up to Swearinger, it sounds like he'd take his former college teammate. Swearinger thinks Clowney compares favorably to a defensive end already on the Texans roster. 

"He's an unbelievable player, with me playing with him before I got a chance to play with J.J. (Watt), they're very similar," Swearinger said. "The thing I say is 'it's just another J.J. Watt,' he's just two-tenths faster. He runs a 4.4, he's 6-6, 270 and he has a heart for the game, he loves the game. And you can’t pass that up, if you ask me."

"With them two down on the D-line, it would be unstoppable," Swearinger said of Watt and Clowney. 

Swearinger also said the Texans wouldn't have to worry about Clowney's work ethic. The Texans new strength and conditioning coach is Craig Fitzgerald, who also served as South Carolina's strength and conditioning coach in 2011.

"That's sort of somebody who kept [Clowney] straight," Swearinger said. "I think it would be a huge asset getting Clowney, because Fitzgerald always stayed on Clowney on everything and had him working 100 percent all the time. The work ethic thing, I don't think will be a problem."

If you're keeping score at home, Swearinger is the second Texans player to weigh-in on who Houston should draft. Wide receiver Andre Johnson said this week that if making the No. 1 pick were up to him, he'd trade it away. 

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