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Few players in the NFL have made the impact DK Metcalf has in his first two seasons, as the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver has become one of the best in the game. Through two seasons, Metcalf has recorded 141 catches for 2,203 yards and 17 touchdowns while averaging 15.6 yards per catch. Among players with 200 targets, Metcalf is only behind Mike Evans in yards per reception over the last two years. 

Metcalf is off to an historic start for his career as he's one of only four players since the merger to record 2,200 receiving yards, 15 touchdowns, and average 15 yards per catch after his first two seasons -- joining Randy Moss, Jerry Rice and Mike Evans. Of the players on that list, Metcalf is the only wideout not selected in the first round, showcasing what a find the Seahawks drafted in the second round two years ago. 

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As Metcalf prepares for his third season in the NFL, he became the latest wide receiver to invest in Therabody, signing on as the brand's latest ambassador. Metcalf joins Seahawks teammate Russell Wilson and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith as recent NFL players that use Therabody products. Metcalf has used the PowerDot smart muscle stimulator to make sure he could play on Sundays. 

"Last year, I was having a couple of problems with my knees and our trainers gave me the PowerDot to use before practice," Metcalf said. "I put it on my quads and the electric stimulation helped prep me to go out to practice, run, and put my best foot forward." 

In an exclusive one-on-one interview with CBS Sports, Metcalf discussed his preparation for the 2021 season, his relationship with Wilson and his future with the Seahawks organization.

You've been with Russ for two years now. What makes him different from the other quarterbacks in the game? 

Metcalf: I've spent a lot of time with Russ during the offseason and during the season -- he's the epitome of greatness and perfection; he comes in and does it right every day. I have so many great things to say about him, so I'm looking forward to many years to come. He really brought me under their wings, as soon as I got to Seattle -- same with Bobby Wagner and Tyler Lockett to name a few. They are all great teammates and great people on and off the field, and they've taught me a lot.

What impact do you want to make on the Seahawks organization? Do you envision yourself in Seattle for the duration of your career? 

Metcalf: I want to help bring a championship to the Seahawks organization. Seattle is an incredible city and this fanbase is unmatched. I'm so grateful to be here and part of such a great culture. I try to not look too far into the future and really try to focus on what's happening in the present, and right now, I'm very happy being in Seattle.

You put up ridiculous numbers in your first two NFL seasons. Any goals or numbers you strive for heading into Year 3?

Metcalf: Personally, I really just want to keep improving day in and day out. I'm always going to strive to be the best that I can be and honestly, I feel like I'm really just getting started.

My opinion, you're one of the most underrated wideouts in the game. When you see wide receiver rankings, how does that motivate you and do you feel you should be getting more respect around the league?

Metcalf: I honestly don't even focus on rankings. Everyone has their own opinions and that's fine, I just don't get caught up in it. I have the respect of my teammates and this organization and that's all I really need. 

One of my favorite things about you is you don't like to be compared to anyone. When did you start embracing that mindset and why do you take that approach? 

Metcalf: For as long as I can remember, I've always had that mindset. I'm not trying to be like anyone else. I'm trying to do things that nobody else has ever done. 

With the Olympics going on, you did try to qualify for Tokyo in the 100 meters. Do you envision yourself competing in the Olympics someday? 

Metcalf: I can't say for sure. I'll say this, having the opportunity to run in qualifiers next to world class Olympians was an honor, privilege, and a complete blessing. I'm thankful for that experience.

DeVonta Smith told me he uses Theragun for before and after practices for recovery. How do you feel Theragun helps your body through the grind of a football season? 

Metcalf: So when I first got to Seattle, Duane Brown was in the locker room and I asked him for advice on how he's played the game so long. He told me something so simple, "take care of your body." That really stuck out to me and is the main reason I really got into recovery and started putting the time and effort into taking care of my body early on in my career -- spending extra time with the Theragun, and now all of the other products by Therabody that help me out.

Why did you invest in Therabody?

Metcalf: The importance of taking care of my body -- physically and mentally -- makes me hope everyone can learn that and begin to prioritize it so we can all be our best at what we do and love. Therabody shares in that belief and it is what attracted me to invest in the company. The tools and knowledge I have at my disposal as a professional athlete about taking care of myself should be available to everyone, because everyone has a body, and I am excited to share Therabody's message and grow with them.