Dolphins coach not flagged after tripping official in win over Steelers

You might remember hearing a little something about Mike Tomlin, the Steelers sideline and Jacoby Jones. Maybe. It ended up costing him $100,000 when he was fined by the NFL, which makes it pretty ironic that the Dolphins managed to get away with something similar in a victory over the Steelers last week.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported on Sunday that Dolphins special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi ran into a referee on the sideline:

There was no flag thrown by the official, though their should have been. On the play in question, Troy Polamalu returned a field goal that Caleb Sturgis attempted at the end of the first half. The flag should've resulted in the Steelers getting an untimed down from the 25-yard line, which would've given them a shot at either a field goal or touchdown (in the event the snow was too bad for a kick).

Glazer reports that the NFL "has fined Rizzi in the $10,000 range" as a result of the incident; obviously the lesser fine is a result of Rizzi not being a head coach (and not being paid like one).

But it's pretty obvious that Rizzi was straight up on the field and not listening to whoever was the "get-back coach" in this instance.

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