If Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake has one regret about the "Miami Miracle," it's that he didn't keep the football. Yup, you read that right, Drake doesn't have the football from his game-winning touchdown against the Patriots

After putting the finishing touches on one of the craziest plays in NFL history, a play that helped the Dolphins shock New England 34-33 on Sunday, Drake celebrated by throwing the ball into the stands, and now, he's hoping to get the ball back. 

As a matter of fact, Drake wants the ball back so badly that he's willing to make a trade for it. In a video that he tweeted out earlier this week, the Dolphins running back explained the situation. 

"[Sunday] was one of the most amazing moments of my life and I was glad to share it with all you guys -- Miami fans, NFL fans -- but I have a PSA: I threw the ball in the stands and I would love to have it back," Drake says in the video, "We could make a trade. I got cleats, I got gloves, I got a jersey, I even got tickets. Just let me know. Please get back with me and we can make a trade."

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Although Drake didn't specify what kind of tickets he would be offering, he told Sports Illustrated earlier this week that he would be willing to give the fan multiple tickets to the Dolphins' home finale against the Jaguars on Dec. 23. 

The problem for Drake is that it doesn't sound like his offer is going to be enough, and that's because the person with the ball is apparently looking to be paid a small fortune. 

Now, we can't say for 100 percent who has possession of the ball right now, but it seems that it ended up in the hands of a group that was only visiting Miami for the weekend. The group was visiting from the northeastern part of the United States and one member of that group called into the Boomer and Gio show on WFAN in New York on Tuesday. 

During the call, the fan explained how his group came away with the ball. 

"My buddy's dad gave the guy who caught it $500 cash because he was a Patriots fan," the caller said. "Now, we're stuck with it and I mean, we've had some offers from the Dolphins, but, I don't know, we're trying to get some advice."

We can corroborate at least part of his story and that's because there's a video of the $500 deal going down after the game, which you can see below (Brief NSFW language, so put your computer on mute so you don't get fired). 

According to the caller, the deal went down near section 107, row 27 of Hard Rock Stadium. 

As for Drake's Twitter offer, the group has seen it, and apparently, they aren't impressed. 

"The only [offers for the ball] so far was Drake, when he sent out that video on his Twitter [offering] just stupid stuff, like gloves, cleats and all that crap that I can get at the Nike outlet," the caller said. 

So what does the group want in exchange for the ball?

"I think we're going to start the bid at $250,000," the caller said. 

When Boomer and Gio pointed out that $250,000 was an absurdly high asking price, the caller sounded like the group might be willing to take a lower price. 

"Tickets to next year's Super Bowl in 2020," he said. 

If that's the asking price, the Dolphins might be able to make it happen, and if they don't, Drake might not ever get the ball back, and that's because it's going to be sitting in the northeast corner of the United States with Doug, his dog and the rest of his friends who came away with it. 

 Here's one more picture of the ball that Drake's trying get his hands on. 

The group probably won't be getting $250,000 for the ball, but if the Dolphins are smart, they'll give each guy a Super Bowl ticket, which seems like a fair trade for a football that was involved in a miracle.