It's been a rough go for Josh Rosen thus far in his young NFL career. It feels like it was four score and seven years ago when he was selected with the 10th-overall pick by the Arizona Cardinals, but it was actually 2018. He arrived in the desert heralded as the savior of the franchise, but it was not to be. One year later, he was shipped to the Miami Dolphins via trade as new Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury opted to use the team's first-overall pick in 2019 on Kyler Murray, and things didn't get much better for Rosen from there.

What was looked upon as a fresh start eventually devolved into a seesaw battle with veteran signal-caller Ryan Fitzpatrick for the role of QB1, with Fitzpatrick winning the job by the close of the season. And unfortunately for Rosen, not only is Fitzpatrick re-signed, but the former first-round pick is undoubtedly suffering through deja vu -- considering the Dolphins used this year's fifth-overall pick on quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. That presumably makes it a one-horse race for eventual starter and leaves Rosen duking it out yet again with Fitzpatrick for the role of QB2.

For his part, however, Rosen isn't getting down on himself, nor is he making trade demands. Instead, he's hoping to prove his value to the Dolphins in 2020.

"I was drafted in the first round and I think around the league, people still think I can play to a certain extent," he said, via the Palm Beach Post. "And just whenever that opportunity comes, where it comes, I just want to be prepared for it because they're few and far between, and I didn't do great with the two that I already had. Not many people get third chances, so I'm definitely going to seize the opportunity when it comes."

This will be Rosen's third season in the NFL, and the opportunities he attempted to seize in 2019 didn't generally end well, finishing with an 0-3 record that included only one touchdown to five interceptions. The 23-year-old knows he's up against it in camp and beyond, but is carrying himself the right way, and looking to hone the talent that saw him earn honors as a Freshman All-American and Second-Team All-Pac 12 player at UCLA not so long ago.

And he's not necessarily trying to beat out Fitzpatrick as much as he's looking at the competition within himself, and wants to stay put with the Dolphins as he works to improve.

"Maybe my mindset will change at some point in the future," Rosen said. "But I'm not really focused as much on winning a job as I am just getting better, because I feel like I've bounced around a little bit at this point in my career."