Dolphins might have to deal up if they really want Ryan Tannehill

When April 16 rolls around, so will quarterback Ryan Tannehill -- into Cleveland for a visit.

The Browns are going to draft a QB at the end of the month, and if they want Tannehill they will have to take him at the No. 4 spot. He will be long gone by No. 22.

If the Dolphins really want the young QB from Texas A&M, they have two choices: Sweat it out and hope the Browns don’t take him and he falls to them at No. 8. Or move up to the Vikings spot at No. 3 and make sure they get him.

The Vikings are willing to listen, but are they willing to make a deal the Dolphins can agree to? The Dolphins have been playing a risky QB game all offseason. They signed David Garrard, who was out of football for a year for health reasons, as their quality veteran to compete with Matt Moore. They couldn’t get Peyton Manning, and they recruited Matt Flynn and Alex Smith but never got them signed. Time is running out to secure the right QB.

Some might think it’s too much to go up for Tannehill, but the Dolphins may have to worry about teams below them jumping ahead of them to grab him. Kansas City and even Seattle could be very tempted to jump up on draft day a spot or two and grab Tannehill.

From what I can gather, the Browns like what they see in Ryan Tannehill, and it may be a move the Dolphins have to make if they want their QB. After the Monday visit to the Browns, there should be tons of speculation about how the draft will take shape from
picks No. 3 through 12.

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