Dolphins reportedly reach out to Jay Cutler with Ryan Tannehill's status uncertain

The Dolphins currently have no idea if Ryan Tannehill is going to miss the entire season, but if he does, it looks like coach Adam Gase already has someone in mind to possibly take over the starting quarterback in South Florida.  

According to the Miami Herald, Gase has personally reached out to Jay Cutler and kept in contact with the former Bears quarterback over the past two days. Cutler was cut by the Bears in March, which means he's free to sign with any team if he chooses to play in 2017. 

Although this doesn't necessarily mean that Cutler will be signing with the Dolphins anytime soon, it does mean that Gase is planning for a potential worst-case scenario that would involve Tannehill missing the 2017 season to undergo reconstruction surgery on his left ACL. 

The Dolphins quarterback, who partially tore his ACL in December, decided not to undergo surgery after that injury. Instead, Tannehill chose to rehab it naturally after receiving stem cell treatment. The quarterback also planned to wear a knee brace this year, and he's been wearing it all through camp. 

Unfortunately, the brace didn't help Tannehill on Thursday because his knee still buckled from under him.

 As of right now, Gase admits that he has no clue what's going to happen with Tannehill this season. The quarterback could pass on surgery and let the injury heal for the next 6-8 weeks, or he could undergo surgery and miss the entire season. 

"[We're] talking to a lot of people, just making sure we're getting all the right information, and then we'll make a decision after that," Gase said on Friday, via "Everything is on the table right now. We're going to talk to a lot of people."

If Tannehill misses the season, Cutler would probably make the most sense in Miami, as Will Brinson eloquently explained on Thursday. Although Colin Kaepernick is still out there, Cutler makes sense because he has a history with Gase. 

Gase was the Bears' offensive coordinator in 2015, when Cutler had arguably the best season of his career. Since Cutler has already played with Gase, that means he's already familiar with the system in Miami, and he wouldn't have quite the learning curve that someone like Kaepernick might have trying to learn the offense for the first time. 

According to, Cutler would be willing to sign with the Dolphins -- and delay his new gig at Fox -- if Miami is willing to pay him starting QB money. 

If Tannehill ends up missing the entire season, don't be surprised if the Dolphins give Cutler exactly what he wants. 

As for Kaepernick, it's not completely impossible that he signs with Miami. has also reported that Kaepernick is being looked at as "potential insurance" if Tannehill were to miss the 2017 season. 

For the time being, the Dolphins will move forward with Matt Moore under center until Tannehill's fate has been decided

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