Dolphins WR Brian Hartline compares media's obsession with Tim Tebow to Kardashians

Hartline weighs in on Tebow and the Kardashians (words we never thought we'd write). (US Presswire)

On Sunday, Tim Tebow will return to where it all began. Last October, while still with the Broncos, he made his first start of 2011 at quarterback against the Dolphins in Miami. The ensuing three months saw Denver win the AFC West and beat Pittsburgh in a playoff game.

It was the height of Tebowmania. Then, this past spring, the Broncos won the Peyton Manning sweepstakes and promptly shipped Tebow to New York. Now, nearly a year later, Tebow's with the Jets serving as Mark Sanchez's backup, a special teams role player and a rarely-used wildcat specialist.

And yet every week there are thousands of words devoted to whatever it is that Tebow's not doing (see this idiot, for example).

Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline finds it all very weird.

"That's you guys, how much you love [Tebow],'' Hartline said according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "Everybody loves him, but the same people go with the Kardashians. I don't know what they did, either."

No idea if Hartline knows that teammate Reggie Bush was one of those people involved with the Kardashians. Either way, his point stands: Sometimes there's a disconnect between media-created celebrities and the accomplishments that have (or haven't) gotten them there. Kim Kardashian, as best we can tell, is famous for making a sex tape and dating people more famous than her.

Tebow, to his credit, was a fantastic college player and his accolades were well-deserved, but he's been something much less than that during his three seasons in the NFL. And still he remains the primary storyline coming out of New York every week.

The Dolphins, who were victimized by Tebow in overtime last season, aren't stuck in the past.

"It's not like that game keeps me up at night,'' defensive end Cameron Wake said.

It also helps that then-Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is now with the Falcons. In that 2011 Week 7 get-together, Miami was in the wrong defense on the game's decisive play: an everybody-knows-what's-coming, game-tying Tebow sneak on a two-point conversion late in the fourth quarter.

"We had the wrong personnel on the field, to be honest," defensive lineman Tony McDaniel said at the time. "They spread us out and ran it up the middle."

Then-teammate Kendall Langford added: "We weren't in a goal-line package. Everybody at home watching knew what the call was. That was obvious."

If the first two weeks are any indication, the Dolphins won't have to worry much about Tebow this time around. He's yet to throw a pass and he has a grand total of six rushes for 33 yards. In fact, at this point in the proceedings, the Kardashians might be a bigger concern.

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