Donald Trump says Terry Pegula overpaid for the Bills. (USATSI)
Donald Trump says Terry Pegula overpaid for the Buffalo Bills. (USATSI)

You may have noticed that when Donald Trump is involved with something, Donald Trump tries to make that thing all about Donald Trump. Take the sale and subsequent purchase of the Buffalo Bills, for instance. 

Trump was one of several bidders who tried to purchase the Bills from the Ralph Wilson estate. However, Trump's bid came up short to the $1.4 billion bid placed by Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula. 

Instead of congratulating Pegula -- something even Bon Jovi did -- Trump decided to send out this tweet:

Trump is believed to have bid $1 billion for the team. Bon Jovi's group reportedly bid more than Trump ($1.05 billion), so it's not clear how Trump drove up the price. But if Donald Trump says he did, then Donald Trump did because Donald Trump said so.  

Anyway, not everyone is like Trump.

Here was the statement released by the Bon Jovi group after Pegula's bid won: "On behalf of Myself, Larry Tanenbaum and Edward Rogers, we wish Terry and Kim Pegula all the best as they continue the legacy and tradition of the Buffalo Bills and the Wilson family."