Donovan McNabb has harsh words for RG3 who's doing 'too much'

It has been an offseason full of scrutiny for Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who's rehabbing a torn ACL that he suffered in the playoffs last season.

For whatever reason, it's not just about RG3 and his injury. It's also about RG3 and his wedding registry for some people (even when he writes thank-you notes). Former Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb also has a complaint: Griffin is doing "too much" this offseason and also said his weekly press conferences create a "circus."

“It’s too much right now; it’s just too much,” McNabb told Mike Wise of the Washington Post. “I get some of things he’s doing to draw attention to himself: the Adidas commercials, going out and enjoying the life of a young, famous NFL quarterback. I understand RG has a lot of stuff going on.

“But if you’re coming off ACL surgery, you don’t need to be having a press conference at OTAs. Every week? Really? It becomes a circus, a sideshow. It takes away from the focus of what those sessions are supposed to be about: the team.”

I can't be the only one who finds these comments a little bizarre, right? It's not like RG3 is begging for a weekly press conference. The Redskins limited his media availability last year and, as I recall, had him set up for a weekly press conference. So this schedule sure looks familiar, yes?

McNabb's criticism didn't just extend to Griffin speaking with the press or doing various offseason events. McNabb also ripped him for the wedding registry business, calling it "disrespectful" to tweet out a picture of Griffin with his gifts from Redskins fans.

“You don’t just send the gifts back because that’s not right in its own way,” McNabb said. “But you also don’t take a picture with all the gifts people sent you from your wedding registry and then tweet it out. It’s almost like throwing it in the people’s face that bought you things. They see that photo and think, ‘What did I buy him something for? He didn’t need it with all these other people sending him things.’”

“When that happens, it just looks like rich people receiving things from the poor. I know his intention wasn’t that, but it’s the perception people take from it. It’s disrespectful. You just don’t do that."

All of this is a little ... off. Nothing about what RG3 did appeared disrespectful to me, and I know I'm not alone in thinking that.

Is there some sort of agenda here? Maybe. McNabb's run with the Redskins didn't work out well, to say the least. Or maybe not. I thought McNabb's comments to our own Jason La Canfora were a lot more appropriate than the ones that he provided to Wise.

And I also thought La Canfora was spot on: There are far too many people criticizing RG3 for things that aren't worth scrutinizing him over.

It's the microscope that comes with being a big-name quarterback for an extremely popular franchise in a big-time media market, and it's only magnified in the world that we live in today.

Given that it's only May, there's a good chance that the focus on Griffin in D.C. will ramp up as the season gets closer. He'll be fine, because Griffin is more than capable of handling criticism. But that doesn't make it any less of a shame.

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